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If you are looking for affordable hair extensions in the Los Angeles and San Fernando Valley, Christy is a trusted resource. She uses the highest quality Remy human hair, and her prices are the lowest.

Certain hair extension methods have proven, by some research, to improve the condition of over-processed and damaged hair.  Your hair is surrounded by the extension hair creating a cocoon like effect, Thus protecting it.





The Hair Extension Methods Christy Offers Are:


MICRO COPPER and SILICON CYLINDERS:  (Hairlocs): known for being the safest, non damaging hair extension method today.  A Micro-Cylinder (Hairloc) attaches individual hair extensions, (strand by strand), directly to your own natural hair , close to the scalp.  Micro-cylinders are a vast improvement in relation to many common hair extension methods in use today. They are extremely light, easy to put in and take out, and very flexible. A major plus is that Micro-cylinders allow you to attach the hair without sticky glues, and remove them without chemicals that cause damage to your hair.  In addition, The Micro-Cylinders are the most cost-effective hair extension method available.  Since there are no glues, or chemicals used with this process the hair can be reused.  Another plus about the Micro-Cylinder method is that you can style your hair extensions just as you would your own, because there is no glue bonds that will melt.  Typically the Micro-cylinder hair extension method will last between 3 – 6 months, which varies on each individual hair growth rate.



High Quality Human Hair Loc Extensions

High Quality Human Hair Loc Extensions


KERATIP, ONE-STEP, and SHRINKIES: Individual hair extensions are applied strand by strand directly to your own natural hair, close to the scalp with a Keratin  bond  and a heat fusing tool.   The one difference between the Keratin bond and Shrinkies is that the Shrinkies use a minium of heat to fuse the single hair extension strands to your own natural hair.  The Shrinkies method is increasing in popularity.  The hair extension bonds are removed easily with a special remover.  The life expectancy of the extensions varies from 3 – 5 months.  Although, Christy recommends Micro-cylinders she also offers these adhesive method.



Keratip Extensions

Keratip Glue-in Extensions


SKIN WEFTS: Looks like a curtain of hair attached together at the top, and free flowing at the bottom.  The seamless hair extension tracks are applied close to the scalp on the natural hair with an adhesive tape and heat fusing tool.  Skin Wefts are a more affordable permanent method lasting 4 – 6 weeks.  In addition, they are more comfortable, takes less time to apply, are undetectable and natural looking than Sew-In Weaves & Wefts.    

It is important to pay extra attention when using flat / curling irons, hair dryers, and other types of heated styling tools.  The heat can melt the bonding glue and weaken the skin weft adhesion.  Christy, also, offers this method but for hair health she recommends micro-cylinders.






Skin Weft Hair Extensions

Skin Weft Hair Extensions





Christy Also Offers Her Hair Extension Services in a Private Studio, Located in Agoura Hills


AFFORDABLE HAIR EXTENSIONS BY CHRISTY PROUDLY SERVICE THE FOLLOWING AREAS:  San Fernando Valley, Los Angeles, Ventura County,  Including cities in Agoura, Bel Air, Beverly Hills, Brentwood, Burbank, Calabasas, Chatsworth, Encino, Glendale, Granada Hills, Hidden Hills, Hollywood, Malibu, Newhall, North Hollywood, Northridge, Passadena, Pacific Palisades, Santa Clairita, Sherman Oaks, Simi Valley, Studio City, Thousand Oaks, Tarzana, Valencia, Ventura, Westlake Village, and Woodland Hills.



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