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How would you like to have long, beautiful, natural looking hair you’ve dreamed of?
Well, NOW is the time to make your dreams come true with the safest, non damaging hair extention methods by Christy.


– Do you suffer from thinning hair, or alopecia?     

– Does your hair lack volume?

– Are you frustrated that your hair won’t grow?

– Have you had your hair cut short and hate it?

– Would you love to have long, beautiful hair?


If You Answered YES To Any Of These Questions, Than You Owe It To Yourself To Find Out About The Hair Extensions And Methods I Offer!!!


Hair Extensions will Completely Transform Your Appearance Immediately!

 Hair Extensions Are The Perfect Instant MakeOver!

Hair Extensions will help you to look thinner, and younger!

Hair Extensions add Length, Volume, and even Highlights without the damaging effects of chemicals!


Affordable Hair Extensions By Christy is aware that with so much information out regarding hair extensions, it can be hard to decide on what to do and whom to trust…

Christy is a trusted resource.  Affordable Hair Extensions By Christy specializes in the most advanced and safest  hair extension methods.  She uses the highest quality real (remy) human hair, and her prices are the lowest.  She provides a FREE Consultation to answer all your questions and alleviate your concerns.  During your appointment she will assess your hair and discuss with you the best type of hair and extension method for your own natural hair and lifestyle, to ensure your extensions blend naturally with your own hair and last as long as possible.  Next, A custom color and texture match will be performed which will assist in selecting the perfect hair extensions for you.  Additionally, she provides each client with hair care instructions to help  you maintain your extensions so they stay soft and luxurious.


Affordable Hair Extensions By Christy Offers…

* Highest Quality Real (REMY) Human Hair
* Straight, Wavy, or Curly Hair Texture
* Many Reapplications
* Every Hair Color Imaginable
* Safest Extension Methods
* In Home Service
* Free Consultation
* Lowest Prices




  • What are hair extensions?  Individual strands or tracks of real human hair that are attached to small sections of your own natural hair, close to the scalp.      
  • Do hair extensions look natural?  Yes!  Your hair extensions will look completely natural and are unnoticeable to people who don’t know you are wearing them.
  • Does it hurt to have hair extensions applied?  No!  There should not be any area that feels like the hair is pulling or hurting.  The tension should be even all over your head.  For the first few days your scalp may itch, and at nights hair extensions may be uncomfortable to sleep on.
  • Can I color my hair with hair extensions in?  Absolutely.  Your color specialist will need to work around the hair extensions by only applying color onto the crown and hair line.  NOTE, this will reduce the cost of coloring your hair.  In addition, when you eventually remove the hair extensions your own natural hair condition will have improved, because of halting the coloring process.  Follow these tips to make your hair color last longer…1.  Do not shower with extremly hot water.  2.  Rinse your hair with cool water.  3.  Deep condition your hair weekly with a moisturizing conditioner.  4.  Use a leave-in-conditioner with a UV protectant. 
  • Can I wear my hair up?  Sure.  Inform your hair extension stylist that you want to be able to wear your hair up.  The Extensions should not be applied lower than the base of your scalp, so that your own natural hair below this point covers the extensions when applying it up.
  • Do hair extensions require the use of special products?  It is important to wash your own natural hair prior to hair extensions  being applied to remove any build up caused by styling products.  It is recommend to use a clarifying shampoo, bi-weekly, to prevent build up that occurs.  In Addition, it is highly recommended to usa a moisturizing conditioner, and to apply a deep conditioner, every other week, to your hair extensions to keep them silky smooth and natural looking. 
  • Is a deposit required?  Yes.  A 50% deposit is require when you are ready for me to place your customized hair extension order.  The exact price for your deposit is determined by the package, or amount of hair you have choosen during your Free Consultation.
  • How long does it take to apply hair extensions?  This depends on the amount of hair extension strands being applied, the method that is used, and the desired hair style.  As a general guide for a partial head of hair extensions it can take approximately 1 – 2 hours.  For a full head of hair extensions the approximate time that it will take varies from 3 – 5 hours.
  • How long do hair extensions last?  Hair extensions typically last between 3 – 6 months which varies on each individual.  The growth rate of a person’s hair plays a crucial roll in how long the hair extensions last.  The quicker the person’s hair grows the sooner the hair extensions will need to be removed and than reapplied.
  • Why should I choose Affordable Hair Extensions By Christy?  Affordable Hair Extensions By Christy specializes in hair extensions, and is completely up to date on the latest information about hair extensions.  You will receive the best advise, plus the most advanced techniques available.  In addition, the combination of Christy’s attention to details, and her artistic ability will allow her to create for YOU long, gorgeous, natural looking hair of YOUR Dreams!





7/13/2012  Rating: (5 star)

I’ve been going to Christy on and off for about 3 years.  I have been to other extensionists and although they were supposed to be very good, when it came time to take the extensions out I lost a lot of my own hair with them.

Not so with Christy.  Christy is a true professional who takes her career very seriously.  She is reasonable in her prices and treats her customers wonderfully.  Christy is a very sweet person who genuinely cares about each and every client.  I recommend Christy very highly to anyone who is looking for a very experienced professional for their hair extensions.  She is a real sweetheart also.



Rating:  (5 stars)
Text: “Many Thanks to Affordable Hair Extensions By Christy. I was devastated after getting a terrible hair cut from a local salon. A friend of mine referred me to Affordable Hair Extensions By Christy. Christy worked her magic and made me look like a million bucks. She is extremely knowledgeable, and an absolute doll. I highly recommend her.”
From: dbtaylor of Encino, CA on May 19, 2010

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very natural looking extensions

Elaine B. | Insider Guru | Rank: 685

I really wanted my hair to look amazing for a party my husband and I were going to, so I contacted Affordable Hair Extensions by Christy. She came to our house, did a consultation and was able to determine what type of hair and attachment method would work best for me. Since my hair is really fine, the traditional hairloc method wouldn’t work on me. She then decided on the shrinkies method and we set the appointment. I’ve looked high and low at extensions – everything from the type of hair that’s used to the actual attachment method. Christy is one of the most affordable and had good references so I used her. I was very happy with the results – as was my husband. My hair looks very natural and I loved that I didn’t have to travel to get my hair done. She came to me.

Posted 01/21/10



User Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

by happy hair  


  1. I Love my Hair Extensions! I highly recommend Affordable Hair Extensions by Christy. I have hair extensions in the past, which were more expense, and I was very unhappy with them. They constantly fell out, and the hair was poor quality. I also like having the service in the comfort of my home, since it does take time. Christy is a true professional and a Joy to be around.

User Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

by happy hair  



Rating:  (5 stars)
Text: “I absolutely love my hair extensions. Christy really is an expert when it comes to hair extensions. I would definitely recommend her to my family and friends”
From: shirley of Woodland Hills, CA on September 27, 2009

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Remy Human Hair Vs. Synthetic / Artificial Hair Extensions:  Remy Hair means the cuticles are facing the same direction.   If the cuticles are not all laying in the same direction terrible matting will occur.  Remy Hair is 100% real human hair.  Human hair is mostly protein, whereas synthetic / artificial hair is like plastic.  Remy hair is soft and silky, and last through many applications, is easy to care for, and manage.  You can style your Remy hair extensions just like you would your own hair.  Synthetic / Artificial hair extension texture is coarse, and matting occurs immediately.    They can’t be styled…they will melt if exposed to high tempertures of a curling / flat iron, or a hot blow dryer.  Synthetic / artificial hair is less expensive than Remy Hair, and has a short life span.  If you are looking for dreadlocks, synthetic hair is great to use.  Affordable hair extensions by Christy highly recommends that you use 100% Remy human hair if you decide to get hair extensions, it is definitely worth the price difference.



Christy Also Offers Her Hair Extension Services in a Private Studio, Located in Agoura Hills



AFFORDABLE HAIR EXTENSIONS BY CHRISTY PROUDLY SERVICE THE FOLLOWING AREAS:  San Fernando Valley, Los Angeles, Ventura County,  Including cities in Agoura, Bel Air, Beverly Hills, Brentwood, Burbank, Calabasas, Chatsworth, Encino, Glendale, Granada Hills, Hidden Hills, Hollywood, Malibu, Newhall, North Hollywood, Northridge, Passadena, Pacific Palisades, Santa Clairita, Sherman Oaks, Simi Valley, Studio City, Thousand Oaks, Tarzana, Valencia, Ventura, Westlake Village, and Woodland Hills.


 Hair Extensions are Ideal For Weddings, Proms, and Special Occasions!

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