Remy Human Hair Vs. Synthetic / Artificial Hair Extensions

Remy Human Hair Vs. Synthetic / Artificial Hair Extensions:  Remy Hair means the cuticles are facing the same direction.   If the cuticles are not all laying in the same direction terrible matting will occur.  Remy Hair is 100% real human hair.  Human hair is mostly protein, whereas synthetic / artificial hair is like plastic.  Remy hair is soft and silky, and last through many applications, is easy to care for, and manage.  You can style your Remy hair extensions just like you would your own hair.  Synthetic / Artificial hair extension texture is coarse, and matting occurs immediately.    They can’t be styled…they will melt if exposed to high tempertures of a curling / flat iron, or a hot blow dryer.  Synthetic / artificial hair is less expensive than Remy Hair , and has a short life span.  If you decide to get hair extensions it is definitely worth the price difference to use 100% Remy Hair. There is a new technique for men where you can get beard extension for really long ones, they are natural and neat, you can use them to let your own to start growing, men are always looking on how to shape a beard neckline, on how to manage it and keep it clean and shape it with wax and now you can add hair to it !

Will Hair Extensions Damage Your Own Natural Hair?:    No, if the hair extensions are applied correctly, and the client follows the extension maintenance provided.  In fact, some say their hair growth increased.  There has been some research performed on certain hair extension methods proving that the condition of over-processed and damaged hair improved due to wearing hair extensions.  Your hair is surrounded by the extension hair applied creating a cocoon like effect, Thus protecting it.

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