What To Do About Thinning Hair

What to do about thinning hair:  For an instant fix hair extensions are great for those whose hair is thin, or thinning.  Hair extensions add length, volume, and thickness to your own natural hair.  It is important to use hair extensions that are a shade darker than your own hair, this will create a  fuller look.  Massaging your scalp with your hands or brush will get the blood flowing, which will stimulate hair growth.  Use a good hair loss shampoo and conditioner routinely, they are designed to work on one’s hair follicles and may help to prevent excessive shedding of hair.  When blow drying your hair use low heat, low pressure and use your fingers instead of a brush.

Will Hair Extensions Damage your Own Natural Hair?

Will Hair Extensions Damage Your Own Natural Hair?:    No, if the hair extensions are applied correctly, and the client follows the extension maintenance provided.  In fact, some say their hair growth increased.  There has been some research performed on certain hair extension methods proving that the condition of over-processed and damaged hair improved due to wearing hair extensions.  Your hair is surrounded by the extension hair applied creating a cocoon like effect, Thus protecting it.

Remy Human Hair Vs. Synthetic / Artificial Hair Extensions

Remy Human Hair Vs. Synthetic / Artificial Hair Extensions:  Remy Hair means the cuticles are facing the same direction.   If the cuticles are not all laying in the same direction terrible matting will occur.  Remy Hair is 100% real human hair.  Human hair is mostly protein, whereas synthetic / artificial hair is like plastic.  Remy hair is soft and silky, and last through many applications, is easy to care for, and manage.  You can style your Remy hair extensions just like you would your own hair.  Synthetic / Artificial hair extension texture is coarse, and matting occurs immediately.    They can’t be styled…they will melt if exposed to high tempertures of a curling / flat iron, or a hot blow dryer.  Synthetic / artificial hair is less expensive than Remy Hair , and has a short life span.  If you decide to get hair extensions it is definitely worth the price difference to use 100% Remy Hair.

Life Expectancy of Hair Extensions

Life Expectancy of Hair Extensions:  Hair Extensions, if applied properly, typically last between 3-6 months which varies on each individual.  The growth rate of a person’s hair plays a crucial role in how long the hair extensions last.  The quicker your hair grows the sooner you will need to have them removed and reapplied.  Certain factors to consider to get the longest life with your hair extensions is to use care when styling, brushing, and flat ironing your hair, wash hair with a clarifying shampoo, and use a moisturizing conditioner.